My Favourite Discount Destinations....

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Everyone loves a bargain and I for one get a little giddy when I manage to purchase something at a discount. I'm not alone in this apparently, as outlet shopping, both online and in-stores has really taken off. Shopping centers  like Bicester village and McArthur Glen have turned from being a place to go when you just want an something on-the-cheap, to a go-to designer experience (with the added bonus of getting something on-the-cheap...haha). I've rounded up my favorite online and bricks and mortar discount destinations just for you lovely bunch :)

Lets start online: The Outnet has really taken off recently and although its been around for a few years now (and is part of the YooxNetAPorter group). Find top designer at up to 75% off and sometimes there are extra discounts to be had (there seems to be offers on the site starting on Friday and lasting all weekend). I like this site for finding those fashion pieces that you may have missed out on from previous seasons. has been around for years. I remember, way back when, perusing the website and being totally overwhelmed by the number of products it has to offer. From Celine and Prada to obscure world brands that mean you're not likely to bump into someone wearing that same t-shirt. Again, there are often further discount offers and free-delivery promos.

Brandalley is one of my favs and I'm surprised its not mentioned on any social media platforms (as far as I know, that is). Its great for British high-street favs like LK. Bennett, All Saints, Reiss, Jaegar, Hobbs, etc, but keep your eyes peeled for designer offers from Prada, Givenchy, Stella McCartney, J. Brand, Mulberry and recently Loewe!. Brandalley also stocks lots of home-ware, beauty (Eve Lom and Nars anyone?), menswear and kids wear. New sales are launched everyday and usually last for up to a week (but check each sale for details).

If you fancy bricks and mortar discounts, then the usual suspect, Biscester Village is a favorite, but I must admit I wasn't overly impressed by the discounts, especially if you add on the train journey to and from the centre (if you go there by train that is).

A recent, exciting discovery for me are sample sales: I stumbled across the Chicmi website and it was a revelation. The site lists dates and locations for upcoming sample and discount sales from top brands and lesser known ones. Its just a shame that most of the sales are on weekdays and for those of us who have a standard (boring) 9-5 job, it does pose a moral dilemma: pull a sicky and let "Geraldine" hold the fort alone and risk the endless complaints about how much extra work "she" has had to do in my absence, or sit at my desk thinking about "what could have been mine"?. I haven't quite worked out the answer.