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Thursday, 26 October 2017

I may have mentioned in previous posts that I am, or was, studying for a HR qualification. I decided to do this mainly to increase my job opportunities and also to do something worthwhile in my spare time (there's only so much shopping a girl can do). It's been a few months since I completed my course and received my qualification certificate (yippee!) and I can honestly say, it made me very, very happy.

I was reluctant to study via distance learning, as it does require a lot of motivation and discipline. However, if it is a subject that you're interested in, either for work, or pleasure, then that can spur you on to study. I'd also suggest joining any related Facebook groups and get involved in course forums to communicate with other students. I know I found chatting to one other student in particular really helpful, as you gain new learning methods and seeing others progress in the course, can motivate you no end. It's also nice to just chat about the course and exchange ideas. I remember one student posted a picture of her certificate after she completed the course and that was like a red-rag to a bull, as it made me work harder to achieve the same.

The course provider I used was ICS Learn. They've been around a long time and I remember seeing their website many years ago and I really wish I'd started the course earlier. "Better late than never" of course, but I encourage anyone to consider learning something new if you have the time and money. Although, there are many courses available to study for free these days and are also accessible anywhere in the world.

Whether it's to boost your cv or just for fun - "Because you're worth it!".

On a side note, one "Youtuber" which I find super motivating in terms of study and productivity is Sunbeamsjess's channel, check it out here: Extrasunbeamsjess. She's a London based lass, studying English at University.

Thanks for reading :)

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