Autumn wardrobe refresh and a few favs

Friday, 4 August 2017

I decided to end my absence from these parts with a good ole' wardrobe refresh post with a few other bits n bobs thrown in. It's been a hectic few months with the end of term rush and the added stress of trying to get my course completed. Hopefully, I can put that all behind me and try to be more regular with my blog-posts.

So what better way to relax then preparing for my fav time of year....Autumn/Winter?. The shops are starting to trickle in the latest collections and I for one am excited with a capital "X".

Lets discuss the colours: red, purple and every rich, autumnal colour you can think of. Surprisingly, red is a colour which I will be incorporating into my wardrobe this year. Despite what most, if not all, of my friends and colleagues think, I do actually like colour (its truuuuueeee). In terms of styles, there seems to be a resurgence of the 70's, velvet and relaxed tailoring. There's also plaid and midi skirts teamed with chunky knits. For a more "what's what" on the new season, see this post in British Vogue.

I kicked this off with this cute "Dilly" sweater by Vanessa Seward. The photo really doesn't do it justice, as it's the most vibrant, true red shade I've ever seen and reminds me of why spending more on quality knitwear is the way to go. I managed to pick this one up in the Netaporter sale at 70% off. I'll probably team it with slim, tailored trousers for work and watch my colleague do a double-take when they see me in something other than black, navy or grey.

You may need to sit down (if you aren't already) for the next item. Yes, its another jumper, but wait, its in the most stunning shade of blue and will surely turn heads (for all the right reasons). May I present the Henriqua jumper by Vanessa Bruno. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it and although the price is an eye-watering amount, I imagine I will get a lot of wear out of it during the colder months (sub-zero temperatures anyone?).

Moving on from clothes and I recently found out why paying that little bit extra for home fragrance can be worth. I was in the market for a new diffuser as the last one I bought, which does smell lovely, but only when your nose is about 1mm away from the bottle!, not what one wants from a home fragrance. Neom is a brand which I have known about for quite some time and during the John Lewis sale, I decided to pick up one of their "Happiness" diffusers and it is amazing. The room was filled with a light, but distinct fragrance within minutes of me inserting the diffuser reeds, a noticeable difference from cheaper brands.

With my insatiable love of stationary, my favourite this month (so far, that is) is the Pilot turquoise fountain pen. I haven't used such a pen since my school days and it really is a delight :) All that's left is a new rucksack and pencil case and I'll be all set for the new term come September.

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