"Summertime and the living is easy"

Sunday, 23 April 2017

...or so Ella Fitzgerald would have us believe. I haven't been feeling particulalry uninspired fashion-wise lately and my enthusiasm for purchasing new items seems to have waned slightly....which is probably a good thing for my bank balance.

I have been making more of an effort with my diet and wellbeing recently and in that regard I decided to include a Vitamin D supplement to my daily routine. Vitamin D is certainly the "IT" supplement of the moment and whilst I dont normally succumb to trends and "IT" anything, after reading around the subject, I decided that it may not be a bad thing to supplement my diet with a gradual intake of the "sunshine vitamin" as its also known. Living in the UK, where the sun shines as frequently as I attend the gym (yes, that much), our exposure to natural sunshine is minimal, so it makes sense to injest a little Vitamin D. My method for taking any supplement, or even medication, is slow and steady. I'd rather take a little and often, then a large dose of anything and send shockwaves through my being and potentially trigger an unwanted reaction.

In general, I prefer to source vitamins via food ("Let food be your medicine, not medicine your food", as the saying goes). However, I was able to find a vegan, liquid form of Vitamin D, which contains no nasties and actually tastes quite nice. Its certainly a genius idea and you can read more here.

A few recent fashion faves which did catch my eye include this jumpsuit by ASOS, this Topshop shirt and Accessorize silver bracelet. There's currently 20% off at the latter store, so I'd get ya skates on if you're a fan of all things silver. At a slightly higher price-point is this Scosha ring. No post of mine would be complete without a scarf fav (its not intentional I assure you, but a new scarf to me is like a red-rag to a bull). The Florence scarf from Oliver Bonas caught my eye at their small Marylebone Station store en route to Oxford. And whilst this may seem an odd choice for a mention, I was also quite taken by a Get Well Soon card (strange I know) by the brand Rosie Robins. There was just something about the design and sentiment that made we want to buy it. On a side note, Geraldine (a work colleague) has been a tad under the weather lately (no change there then), so I'm guessing the card will come in handy sometime soon. 

On to books and currently I've been reading a oldie but a goodie, the Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie and then this is on my "to buy" list: Move Fast and Break Things by Jonothan Taplin seems like an interesting and eye-opening read.

Last, but by no means least, its National Stationary Week from 24th - 30th April and I can well imagine that many of you have already planned (in a brand new notebook of course) what you will be doing to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Ever heard of a "Stationary Crawl"?, no, me neither, until I visited the National Stationary Week website Why go to a pub when you can visit a stationary shop? A question I'm sure many people ask on a Friday after work. A pint of lager and a packet of crisps?, make mine a level arch ring binder and a Staedtler pencil :)