A few things I've been loving lately

Sunday, 19 March 2017

It's been a few weeks since I posted on my blog and that's mainly due to work commitments, but I thought I would return with a few of the things I've been loving lately...

As Spring is right around the corner (its a pretty wide corner that Spring is coming around here in the UK, so it may take a while) I felt the need to invest in a pair or blush/nude ballet flats to inject a bit of colour into my daily uniform (which mainly consists of black, grey, navy, khaki). There's something about blush/nude flats that look so nice with slim trousers for work or play.

I searched high and low (quite literally, as I looked in Primark, H&M, Topshop and Netaporter) for the perfect pair, but to no avail. I was feeling dissappointed by my lack of success, but thought as a last ditch attempt, to try that mainstay of the British highstreet; Clarks. I must admit I wasn't expecting anything, as I've always found their shoes to be rather "clumpy" (is that a word?). However, I was surprised to see that in fact they have a number of chic ballet flats in demure colours. Of course, I was looking online and the proof was in the "seeing it person" pudding.

So, at the earliest opportunity I made my way down to my local Clarks store, a tad sceptical, that the shoe couldnt be as nice as shown online, but in fact it was. I tried on the size 5 and contemplated going a size up to 5.5, but the shop assistant told me they'd sold out. However, the 5 seemed fine and as its made of leather, they will stretch out a bit. The shoe in question are the Lily flats in nude.

Mid-season sales seem to be getting earlier every year (not that I'm complaining). There's something quite nice about stores staggering their sales, rather than it being one, maddening frenzy. Warehouse is having a particular good sale lately and my picks are: the rib cowl neck jumper, jungle stripe scarf, and the daffodil makeup bag.

Topshop, Anthropologie and H&M are all having amazing mid-season sales, which are worth checking out. Although not online, this dress by H&M is half price in stores, but be wary, the sizing is seriously messed up, so you may have to go a size or even two, up (I know, such a pain).

Away from fashion and my food love has got to be organic brown rice from Planet Organic. It may not seem the most exciting purchase ever, but I'm loving it for lunch or dinner with green beans and salmon.

Do let me know your current favs, as I'm always on the lookout for new items to lust after...Oh and as a parting recommendation, this top is just too cute: Topshop gingham blouse..

Enjoy the rest of the month :)