Another piece of TOAST

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Apologeis for the lack of content over the past few weeks. What with work and trying to keep on top of my HR assignments, I must admit that I let the blog side of things slip.

But I'm back and what better way to kick off a new post than a review of this season's offerings by one of my favourite brands TOAST: I noticed their early spring collection hit their website by mid/late December and the list of items I want to pick up is getting quite extensive.

The first is this khadi silk shirt which I saw in the Oxford store and its just soooo pretty (more on my trip to Oxford soon). It's silk, but because of the weave of the fabric it only has a subtle sheen that lends it a more sophisticated edge and the khaki colourway is just lush. Next is this raised stripe jumper that would be perfect for work with slim black trousers and open-back flats (u know the ones I mean).

Another good buy is this cashmere/wool long cardigan, that will add an extra layer for those chilly mornings/evenings in Sping. 

A post about TOAST (a rhyme...I like that) wouldnt be the same without a scarf and despite the fact that its warming up in the UK and the sun is definately getting its hat on, I STILL love a good, warm scarf and this beaut is just lovely. Hopefully, there will be a good reason for me to spend such a large amount of money on a winter'ish scarf in spring, and that that reason will transpire soon. For now though, I will just swoon and pray for a TOAST discount code to appear before me.