They think it's all over....

Sunday, 27 November 2016

...but not just yet.

Its been a busy few days of retail therapy. I spent most of last week monitoring the websites of popular high street stores and scanning the Money Saving Expert website, to keep in the know about Black Friday updates. The good news is that I managed to tick off two items from my shopping wishlist a'la my Operation Black Friday post last week. The Zara coat which had me up at 1am on Friday morning (I kid you not) and the L.K Bennett flats which induced palpitations in me as I snapped up the last pair in a size 5.5 at John Lewis with the speed of a cheetah on the Serengeti. The other few items on my list were not on sale, which, ironically, I am pleased about, as it means I can pace myself for the next shopathon on Boxing Day.

As for the items which were not on my list, but somehow managed to find their way into my abode (oops) are a pair of Red Herring black ankle boots which I purchased at Debenhams (sold out now, I'm afraid) and a True Grace diffuser in Portobello Oud. I actually bought the refill bottle, because it was less expensive and so that I can pour some into my empty diffuser bottle at work (two birds n all that).

I also picked up a couple of books, which I have had my literary eye on these last few months. The first being The Silk Roads by Peter Frankophan, which seems to be permanently on every bestseller list this year. And The One Thing by Gary Keller, which a friend recommened, saying it helps you to focus on one thing at a time and dispels the positivities of multi-tasking.

Of course, as Black Friday weekend is drawing to a close, Cyber Monday is about to take hold and I can imagine many of us at work tomorrow will not being fully focussed on that spreadsheet or sending that important memo, whilst we try to see if those Louboutin's have been reduced. Just make sure not to email a link to that Gucci bag to the boss by mistake :/

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