Non-Fiction November

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Apologies for the delayed post. I got so engrossed in study (a HR course I'm currently doing) over the weekend that I did not get a chance to compile this week's blog post. Better late then never eh?

A few days ago I was watching some of my favourite Book-Tubers (Youtubers who review books, that is) and I became aware that this month is "National Non-Fiction November". Of course, with non-fiction being my favourite genre of books, I was naturally pleased about this. The books I am keen to read by the end of the month (here's hoping) are:

Weatherland by Alexandra Harris - A book about how the weather has been interpreted and described by some well-known British literary greats, such as Chaucer. It's even more of a reason to discuss that rainy day at the bus stop on your commute to work and pepper it with quotes from the book :)

I will need to make sure I have a fully tummy before delving into On the Menu, the World's Favourite Piece of Paper by Nicholas Lander, as it will undoubtedly be an encyclopaedia of deliciousness. I suppose it's yet again one of those things that you don't really think about: you go to a restaurant, peruse the menu and place your order, without much thought given to the paper you're holding . This book is about the history of the menu and how a chef or restauranter devises the menu and its layout. If you're on a diet, steer clear of this one.

On a more celestial note, I am very much looking forward to reading An Astronomer's Tale  by Gary Fildes. It is the true story of Gary Fildes, who went from bricklayer to the "Patrick Moore of the North", pursuing his lifelong fascination with astronomy.

Lastly, is a  book which is quite similar to the first, Landmarks by Robert Macfarlane is about how lamgage is used to shape our understanding of the landscape and the weather (more references to the weather, how quintessentially British).

Spread the word: Its Non-Fiction November!

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