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Sunday, 6 November 2016 blog, that is. If you have visited this area of the "blogosphere" before then you would have noticed that it is a completely photo-free zone. That is, I have not uploaded any photos of the products I have written about, nor dazzled my readers with lush backgrounds decorated with fairy lights and the usual Instagram-friendly fayre. My reasons are partly that I have not yet purchased a camera (something which I hope to change soon) and partly that I love writing...or typing in this case, and by not using pictures it means I have to utilise my descriptive prowess more, which I enjoy. Of course, all the products I mention are linked to and so, if you do wish to see pictures they are easily accessible.

As I compile this post I am wondering if there are other "picture-free" blogs out there that I have not yet come across. If you know of any, please leave a comment below, as I would really like to know :)

On a completely different note, I am thoroughly enjoying the book A Street Cat Named Bob. I am a cat person and have been ever since I was little (*Note to self - which reminds me that I still need to watch Disney's The Aristocats). Back to the book and without giving away too much of the story, it is about a London based busker (and recovering drug-addict) who befriends a stray ginger cat - awww. I thought I'd read the book before going to see the movie this weekend (can you tell I'm looking forward to it?).

I think we all need a good, innocent, feel-good book/film now and again, and I am pretty sure this one will be just purrrrrfect.

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