Out With The New, In With The Old

Sunday, 23 October 2016

I need to get a new mobile phone (I dont know why I put the word "mobile" in there, as by default, these days any reference to a phone means a mobile..does anyone still have a landline at home?). Anyway, I digress: you see I have had my phone since 2011 - I shall allow you a few minutes to pick yourself up from the floor and gather your thoughts- it is still in perfect working order of course and apart from the Samsung logo rubbed away from the back of the phone, it does everything I need it to, so why do I feel the need to change it?. It's probably because of the sense of ostracisation I feel everytime I take out my phone and see the looks of pity and confusion on the faces of those around me. A small part of me wants to be in the Iphone 1,2,3,4,5,6 and now 7 gang, but there is a louder voice inside me urging me to resist.

Which brings me to the title of this post, "Out With The New, In With The Old", a little play on a well-known phrase, but I wanted to emphasise that having something which is old (nowadays its more than 6 months) is no bad thing. In fact theres something quite satisfying about having something well-loved, used and best of all, in perfect working order (that can refer to one's life partner as well....hehehe).

We are all suseptible to this disposable, upgradable culture. Whether its a phone, handbag, shoes or even a lifestyle, it is all "up for an upgrade", needed or not. I guess because of social media, we are bombarded with pictures of new and exciting items, much better then what we already own, or so we are led to believe and if you don't have item X or lifestyle Y, then woe betide you. 

I have never been one to follow a crowd, not the "Im not going to follow the crowd, but I eventually will" type, but the really stuck in my ways, not-gona-budge-unless-its-suitable-for- me type, which gives me a sense of pleasure I must admit.

Back to my phone though and Watsapp are sending me messages saying that unless I upgrade my phone by December 31st this year, "I will no longer be able to use their service"....hmmm, what to do...I am still undecided.

p.s for anyone wondering, my phone is the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

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