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Sunday, 30 October 2016

I would highly recommend a cup of tea and a biscuit or two for this post, as it is very product heavy and may take some time to get through (does that sentence ryhme?). Anyway, on with the products: I have been deliberating over whether to purchase a designer bag for quite some time, years in fact, but I cant seem to make up my mind. Primarily its that I just cant seem to find anything I truly love and for the whopping price tags associated with high-end bag purchases I know I need to be 100% sure that its gonna be a keeper and not a one-month-wonder. As much as I like the Givenchy Antigona, I just dont think its practical for London public transport...too cumbersome and not "rush hour" appropriate. Nor does the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag rock my boat for similar reasons. The price is an issue in so much as it seems to offend my morals, so I have come to the conclusion that under 1k is what I will allow myself to spend on a bag. So, with that massive ramble over, the contenders are (drum roll please), the Mulberry Freya Satchel which is a chic little number and is understated and practical. I love the simple tree motif at the front. The second is the more reasonably priced Radley Hardwick bag, which some might say is a tad old fashioned, but I kinda like that in a bag :) Hopefully, I would have made a decision and taken the plunge soon. I am veering more towards the Mulberry, but who knows.

On to a few other likes and purchases, the first being a Cos checked wool scarf, which is so soft and light to wear, its a joy! and perfect wrapped over a jumper and coat. I decided to treat myself to a piece of jewellery, because..well, there was no real reason and that my friends is that: Catbird Mignon Memory Ring. I havent received it as yet, but will post my opinion of it on my blog. Again the simplicity of it won me over.

Ive always found it difficult to find well fitting trousers, at 5'4 either they are too long or too short on me. However, Topshop seem to have nailed the length of their cigerette trousers and so I highly recommend them, especially the coloured ones, as they are perfect for work with a nuetral top, like the dark red trousers with a simple grey or black sweater.

I am loving checks this season and especially check dresses, a case in point is this fab number from French Connection, which would look great over slim fit trousers, or tights and boots Darla Check Dress

Last but by no means least is a stationary item which has my heart all a flutter and are just perfect for securing those pesky pieces of paper together for my HR course and they look good too, Paperchase rose gold binder clips

If you managed to make it this far with this post, then congratulations, otherwise, you have missed out on what I think, are some amazing products.  Do let me know what you have been loving this month :)

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