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Sunday, 9 October 2016

..then let me begin: I have had a rollacoaster relationship with books. At times I have ploughed through them like a bulldozer would in a snowdrift and at other times months go by without me perusing a bestseller, or devouring some obscure literary work I came across in my local Waterstones. But of late, thankfully, it is the former. I take great pride in my small, but perfectly formed book collection. I am definately a non-fiction kinda gal, as I like the reality and factual nature of that genre of books.

Amongst my favs are, The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, an excellent read about how ideas and products just seem to "catch on" and before you know it even your great aunt's cat has the latest Iphone (you get the gist). My next book may seem an odd choice by those who know me well, considering me and maths simply do not get along (Ive tried to make it work ever since school, but there's just no common ground...or so I keep telling myself), but the book Thinking in Numbers, How Maths Illuminates Our Lives, by Daniel Tammet is a suprisingly relaxing and insightful read. I paricularly like the chapter likening our familiarity with proverbs to learning times-tables.

For those of you who are more career minded (or simply going to slit your wrists if you hear Geraldine from accounts telling you to "staple the receipts to the back of your petty cash form" one more time) and are looking for a new job, the book Get the Job You Really Want by the dashing James Caan contains pearls of wisdom on how to secure the job you've always wanted (minus Geraldine).

The last, but not at all least, is a book very close to my heart, Quiet by Susan Cain is, as the author describes, "a book about introversion as seen from a cultural point of view". I have always struggled with peoples perception of my "introvertedness" and this book seems to have given a sense of legitmacy to a way of being that has always sat in the shadows (by its very nature) whilst the extroverts in society happily occupy the spotlight. That's fine by me I say.

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