Autumn at last ...

Thursday, 20 September 2018

“And so I’m back..from outta space..I just sat here typing a new post with that sarcastic look upon my face..”.  Ok, so that’s not quite how the song goes, but I thought I’d add a musical flourish to my comeback post (as musical as one can be through words, but hey).
Enough waffling from me, let’s start with my autumn wish list and boy am I looking forward to the colder months, as the summer in the UK was sweltering (for us, anyway).
I’ll simply list my favs here by brand, rather than bore everyone with my added comments (I’ll save those for future posts J
Let's start with some TOAST (online and in-store)
Matchesfashion (online)
Netaporter (online)
ZARA (online and in-store)

Harrods (and many other department stores and apothecaries)
Feu de Bois scented candle
FILIPPA K (a new discovery- online only and free shipping)
Corduroy trousers

Andotherstories (online and in-store, although they seem to have a bigger range online)
I know everyone is missing my more rambly, wordy posts, so hopefully, my next one will be more wordy than Stephan Fry reading The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

My Favourite Discount Destinations....

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Everyone loves a bargain and I for one get a little giddy when I manage to purchase something at a discount. I'm not alone in this apparently, as outlet shopping, both online and in-stores has really taken off. Shopping centers  like Bicester village and McArthur Glen have turned from being a place to go when you just want an something on-the-cheap, to a go-to designer experience (with the added bonus of getting something on-the-cheap...haha). I've rounded up my favorite online and bricks and mortar discount destinations just for you lovely bunch :)

Lets start online: The Outnet has really taken off recently and although its been around for a few years now (and is part of the YooxNetAPorter group). Find top designer at up to 75% off and sometimes there are extra discounts to be had (there seems to be offers on the site starting on Friday and lasting all weekend). I like this site for finding those fashion pieces that you may have missed out on from previous seasons. has been around for years. I remember, way back when, perusing the website and being totally overwhelmed by the number of products it has to offer. From Celine and Prada to obscure world brands that mean you're not likely to bump into someone wearing that same t-shirt. Again, there are often further discount offers and free-delivery promos.

Brandalley is one of my favs and I'm surprised its not mentioned on any social media platforms (as far as I know, that is). Its great for British high-street favs like LK. Bennett, All Saints, Reiss, Jaegar, Hobbs, etc, but keep your eyes peeled for designer offers from Prada, Givenchy, Stella McCartney, J. Brand, Mulberry and recently Loewe!. Brandalley also stocks lots of home-ware, beauty (Eve Lom and Nars anyone?), menswear and kids wear. New sales are launched everyday and usually last for up to a week (but check each sale for details).

If you fancy bricks and mortar discounts, then the usual suspect, Biscester Village is a favorite, but I must admit I wasn't overly impressed by the discounts, especially if you add on the train journey to and from the centre (if you go there by train that is).

A recent, exciting discovery for me are sample sales: I stumbled across the Chicmi website and it was a revelation. The site lists dates and locations for upcoming sample and discount sales from top brands and lesser known ones. Its just a shame that most of the sales are on weekdays and for those of us who have a standard (boring) 9-5 job, it does pose a moral dilemma: pull a sicky and let "Geraldine" hold the fort alone and risk the endless complaints about how much extra work "she" has had to do in my absence, or sit at my desk thinking about "what could have been mine"?. I haven't quite worked out the answer.

Culture Cup

Thursday, 22 February 2018

“I’ll have a skinny mochachino latte grande, with extra fairy dust, matchu pichu sprinkles, topped with topaz and diamond syrup and rare Polynesian rehydrated cream”. Ok, that’s not my usual beverage of choice, but you get the jist. It’s funny how, within the last decade or so, the craze for drinking coffee from a coffee shop has exploded. So much so, that you almost seem bizarre for making a hot drink in a mug….at home! (shocking).

The topic may seem innocuous, but so much in society is these days. The effects of drinking coffee on a regular basis is often discussed, but not as much attention is given to the polystyrene cups that are used in coffee shops.

It’s so common to walk down any high street and every next person is clutching a cup of *insert name of favourite drink here. It’s almost become part of a uniform, along with a Michael Kors hand bag and the latest iPhone.

I’m a great believer in social conditioning: That is, that companies in particular control what we do, without it seeming like they do. It all started with Friends. No, not your mate Tracey from next door, but the overly popular comedy show from the 90s. The depiction of best buddies hanging out in Central Perk coffee shop was beamed across the world and no doubt ignited the desire for many of us to bring some of that Friends-magic into our lives via a takeaway hot drink. 

Ok, so let’s get a bit boring: the Oxford English dictionary definition of polystyrene is: “A synthetic resin which is a polymer of styrene, used lightweight form and film”.

Any hot liquid poured into such a container will naturally absorb any of the harmful synthetic chemicals which will be present in these materials. In other words, when we drink coffee (or any hot drink) from a synthetic made vessel, it will invariably contain residue from that material. In this case a polystyrene cup. “Yeah, but so what?”, I hear you say (not that I can really hear anyone saying that through this blog…that would be impossible). It matters because whilst it may not be as well documented as the dangers of consuming too much sugar and over processed food, it seems to me that the widespread use of polystyrene and other synthetic materials (like plastic) in our daily lives and its long-term effect on our health (not to mention the environment) is simply "killing us softly"

Of course, they’ll be those who will roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders, tut under their breath and say I’m taking things farrrrr too seriously. Yes may be, but since writing this post, I saw a story on the BBC website about the, no proven, dangers of drinking water from plastic bottles (read it here). 

I guess the point is that you don’t need to completely cut out using polystyrene cups (although I try to), but perhaps, to use a very millennial word, be more mindful, not just about what we consume, but also about the container/packaging it comes in (plastic wrapped fruit and veg, vacuum packed fish and meat, etc) and the effect these synthetic materials may be having on our health long term. 

One small solution to this conundrum is to try a reusable, glass, cup, There's this one from Planet Organic, or there's a wide variety on Amazon here. Try buying fruit and veg from a market, rather than a supermarket, where most items are cosseted in plastic. 

'Til next time my lovies :)

My wishlist so far

Monday, 12 February 2018

I've been a bit quiet on my blog, mainly because I haven't been inspired to post anything (which seems to be the norm around this time of year). However, I thought I'd begin posting with a good ole' roundup of some things I've been liking and have already put on my wish list (so far):

Its still pretty cold here in the UK. In fact last week we had a particularly ferocious blast of arctic air (not that I'm complaining mind you, as it means I can get a bit more wear out of my extensive knitwear collection). To combine those winter and spring vibes, this Cos cashmere yellow sweater fits the bill perfectly. Its a true "egg-yolk" shade and works well with a pair of tailored trousers and loafers, or block heels.

Midi dresses are en vogue and this black and starry number from AndOtherStories is a good example. It's slightly fitted on the waist and is made from a drapey viscose material, which is perfect for now with ankle boots and an oversized cardi, or for spring with flat sandals. The possibilities are endless.

Ok, ok, what would a  wish list from me be without some TOAST: I have to admit I wasn't particularly inspired by their autumn/winter 17 collection, but I'm more optimistic for their new season offerings. This Iya top is a case in point. It did catch my eye on their website, but the print seemed quite intense. However, when I saw it in store and felt the gorgeous silk fabric I was definitely sold. Its quite a loose shape, but should look good with skinny jeans and boots.

My desire to spend an extortionate amount on a designer bag is unabated, but I just can't seem to decide which bag to go far. Nothing has really caught my eye, at least not for long enough for me to spend a months salary on. Loewe is a bag brand which is more discreet then usual suspects (Gucci, Prada, etc.). I've got two on my wish list at the moment, the Puzzle and the Hammock. Both seem spacious, practical and beautiful. Lets see which, if either, I go for. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know :)

Nothing beats a cute stripey top to inject a little fun into an outfit, so this ASOS Monki purple and white long-sleeved tee is super cute. I've never seen this colour combo before and it makes a change from the usual black/navy/red versions around.

Lastly, a coat which will see you through to Spring: Of course, the UK is known for its temperamental weather and having a light, waterproof, parka/raincoat on standby is a must. I just spotted this khaki parka from ASOS yesterday and I can imagine it will be making its way into my wardrobe sooner (there's only so far I can take my wool coats into spring, without getting odd looks).

Do let me know what you've been loving lately, as I love the idea of depleting my bank balance even further..haha.

Happy Spring everyone!

The Knit - List

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The weather here in the UK has become decidedly colder, which means only one thing: Knitwear!(and hot chocolate, but this post is about knitwear..haha..but just to say that Costa's festive cups are super cute as per usual). I have compiled a list of the "knits-to-know" and I may have thrown in a few cheeky extras at the end.

This is not in any specific order in terms of price, but snugglyness (a technical term of course):

The Texas song "Halo" is just what this sweater is like...a halo around the skin. It's light and cosy and great for work and play. Toast fares favourably in this regarding, as knitwear is what this brand is known for.

I'm not usually a fan of fully acrylic knitwear, but Topshop has nailed it on the cosy front. Their oversized funnel neck is an exception to my own rule. It looks and feels like a cloud and I style mine with blue jeans.

Although red is the colour of the season I think now that the red frenzy has peaked, it calls for more of a subtler nod to the trend (in my humble opinion of course). Yet another piece of Parisian chic in the form of Vanessa Bruno's gold button striped sweater will keep you toasty and on-point....result!. Black Friday will soon be upon us, so it may be worth holding out for a few more weeks to see if

Cosy Cos also provides knitwear and scarves that you will want to keep on all day long. I myself, have a number of pieces from Cos, which I wear practically on rotation. Here's a few to add your mental wish-basket. What can be more comforting then a sweater dress, great with boots and flats alike. This one may seem a bit sack-like, but it screams effortless cool (and will hide a post-pizza tummy).

Does Christmas Jumper Day strike fear into the hearts of the style-conscious?. If it does, this sweater from Mango, has all the embellishment, but none of the cheese. For those who are brave enough to go full-speed "jungle bells", head to Topshop for their Xmas special. If you really wish to invest in something more seasonal, then N.Peal is a safe bet. Cashmere is what they do and this Jewelled Fairisle Cashmere number has "Seasons Greetings" written all over it.

Lastly, a few little extras which I will definitely be enveloping myself in over the next few months: this Toast green Donegal cashmere scarf will add a pop of colour to any dark outfit. Green is a lovely autumn colour and there's a shade out there that'll suit everyone. Saint Laurent is not an obvious choice for scarves, but their appliqued scarf has subtle branding and would make a nice treat for yourself, or a fan of the brand.